Saturday 24th of January 2018. 2.00pm to 4.00pm Mindfulness and Self-Compassion. Part 1. The Art of Meditation

Held at The Yoga Venue,  2 Avenue Lane, Oxford, OX4 1YF. Fee £25 (workshops may be taken separately or both at £40)

How do we treat ourselves best? Is it by deciding that we need to be improved on, or is it by orientating our awareness in a deeper way, to the daily joys and sorrows that we already experience? The first tactic, which is widely followed, can be very dislocating, as it effectively addresses our human issues with the desire to be someone else. Enticing, but ultimately doomed to failure, as who really wants to live with just an idea of themselves, rather than living the full spectrum of being a human being? Embodied meditation provides the opportunity for a compassionate realization of our present situation. It provides a space or a pause in life, in which, the resources are present to re-orientate and illuminate the approach to our own experience. Meditation is the ultimate form of art, since it invites the inpouring that brings an evenness of light, rhythm and colour to the canvas on which all our sensations are spread. This is Self Compassion since it is within the constitution of what we already experience, that an action happens, that opens the portal to the velvet undertones of life. This will be an experiental workshop, accessible to both those introducing themselves to a practice and those wishing to deepen a current one.

Saturday 10th of March 2018 2.00pm to 4.00pm Mindfulness and Self-Compassion. Part 2. The Art of Breathing

Held at The Yoga Venue,  2 Avenue Lane, Oxford, OX4 1YF. Fee £25(workshops may be taken separately or both at £40)
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The experience of a deep sense of being spacious and free, is integrally connected to the freedom of the breath. Most traditions talk of breath as the medium of the creative impulse and an experiental doorway, through which we start to learn to register its presence as us. Given it’s embodiment and connection with sensation, the awareness of our own breath becomes a place of learning, patiently teaching us that we are awash with the elixir of life. This workshop is an introduction to pranayama practice, an integral science within the yoga tradition. It has been said that movement practice, our day to day yoga, is a preparation for pranayama, since we start to learn how the body best finds balance through the nuances of how we breathe. Pranayama, which is largely a still practice, takes this to the next level, giving the opportunity not only to experience and balance the subtle realms of embodied sensation, but can also lead us to the energetic resonance that is the conscious source of the breath itself. We will spend some time witnessing the nuances of our own breath, and then learn a few ways, in which we experience how the flow of breath deeply influences our well being and our deep sense of ourselves.