KIRTAN . Monthly at the Yoga Venue.

Dates until the spring. Friday evening 7.30pm to 8.30pm. Feb 22nd, Mar 22nd, Apr 12th, May 3rd

half of class fees goes to the charity Crisis to help bring homeless people back into the community

Come and join in with the joy of discovering the inner voice See the Kirtan page for details.


Barracks Lane Community Gardens

A meditation course of 4 nights over 1 month starting Jan 25th 2019. See workshop page.


Meditation Course Jan 19.jpg


‘Breath is not effected by inflation. It is free. It is not valued in this world. When we learn to value it we find where the Guru is, we find the edge between humanity and God and when we find that edge that is where the answer is.’

Arun Achappe