Dear folk.

I realise  haven't written a newsletter for a while. So i hope this finds everyone well and enjoying this gorgeous early summer. I find it particularly precious this year. Even when i am head down in preoccupation, my body instinctively responds to the wonderful fullness of scent and sight. I catch myself smiling at times where usually i might be worrying!

During the spring and onwards, i got involved with the Extinction Rebellion movement. To explain for those not in the UK, this is a multi-cultural movement of non-violent activists trying to encourage people and institutions to take very seriously the implications of our effect on the planet and consequently for ourselves. I took part in the London disruptions in the spring and the experience was very moving. It feels like something deeply influential is making itself known from deep within our communal depth.  A decision perhaps from our mutual humanity which wants us to embody whatever it means to be human. How we understand that sense of purpose is probably different for everyone, but it seems to affect all of us, even if that affect is felt through resisting it. Although it might seem on the surface that people are increasingly dividing themselves into different camps, my impression at least that there is a defining current which has a quality of immense kindness which cannot help but prevail in the end. On the ground in London i saw a sense of inclusivity that bound campaigners, police and passers-by which felt quite different from the us and them mentality of many protests. And it moved many people. The maturity of people's responses gives me hope for the sustainability of the learning process it represents.

As a yoga teacher it gives me greater pause to reflect on how what is offered in classes can be offered in a more inclusive way, where a climate of supportive interaction comes more to the fore. Plenty of modern yoga practice in the West is built on the cultural ascendency of self-regard and wouldn't it be great if this energy were to shift more fully to a mutual regard for what we all embody. To this end i have introduced three potential evenings which will start as a restorative yoga practice to settle and still our receptive way of being, followed by a period of conversation where we can mutually explore whatever it is that seems to want to come to the surface. These have been developed for Extinction Rebellion activists but are equally open to all where there is space. Numbers will be limited for ease of conversation. Please email me if you want to join in rather than just turning up. There is a brief explanation of restorative yoga on this link.

I am trying to make the effort to announce in advance the theme of each weeks posture practice. It helps me to concentrate and gives people a flavour of what they might like to work on. This appears on my facebook site.

I would also like to draw people's attention to an afternoon retreat being offered by the lovely Ally Stott called Earth Dreaming. You can look this up here.

Quite a few people have asked me as to when Kirtan sessions are happening. There is now a summer's break. In am hoping to resume in the autumn, but there will be one midsummer Kirtan, the timing of which i will announce early July.